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Based on the user testing result for last week, we made some iteration and updated it to version 1.2.

The changes include:

1.Redesign the Sessions List

In the video, Caroline Sinders talks about AI being a tool to research digital issues like online harassment, and she appeals to treat design to be more sensitive with digital bias and harassment. I remembered her algorithm project in the BabyCastle arcade exhibition. You can train the AI the words that you think are abuse or troll, which is interesting and enlightening. It is like a nonsense talking person that speaks the words that he doesn’t know the meaning of and we need to tell him that it is hate speech or harassment. But eventually the person becomes a bastard…

Please read my partners post for additional information, results and insights:

After discussed with my partner, we decided to narrow down our design direction to increasing the exposure of portfolio. And we gave up our previous idea of making a web builder with social functions, because we found that idea doesn’t really solve the problem. We decided to focus on the students in the design & art school and connect recruiters to school. Because students rely more on portfolio as they don’t have so much working experience. And I have talked to a few students who have attended the…

I think that when designing for accessibility, we should consider allowing people who can’t even read the text to use this product smoothly. The instructions for understanding and operating content should not be completely dependent on text, consider the current graphic verification code on the Internet as a good example

While reading this article, I was actually thinking about another question, when modern aesthetics and inclusive design conflict with each other, where should we stand? How do we balance visual beauty and inclusive design?

When I mean inclusive design, I don’t just refer to people with disabilities. They also include…

By Asuka Li

Before I came to this course, I was actually studying game concept design (illustrations which show the design idea of game characters, items and scenes.). I was really impressed by the close connection between the artists in the game art field. From my observation, the interaction between concept designers is closer than that of designers in other industries, because in the field of game art, there is a very strong atmosphere of ‘social based on works’.

Compared with LinkedIn, they actually use social platforms (Weibo, Twitter) and Artstation(a specialized social networking site for game art). They don’t…



At first I was a little bit confused about my partner’s question. So I had a discussion with my partner before I made the survey.Reflecting on the discussion, I found my partner’s question seemed to be more about the tidiness of the home, so instead of asking about the shelf, I focused on how to organize and sort the items in the home.

User: James Troxel

Survey Result

01.Cultural Probes

I like the author’s point of view in this article very much. He thinks that we should study new technologies from the tradition of artists/designers instead of using more typical scientific and engineering methods. It is not an attempt to objectively ask others’ needs through surveys, but a more impressionistic description of their beliefs and desires, aesthetic preferences and cultural concerns.

In fact, I think this method is very suitable for individual creators/students, because sometimes it is difficult for individuals to analyze a huge group, but we can provide opportunities for people to spontaneously discover new fun and…

Asuka Li

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