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Key wireframes & User testing

Please read my partners post for additional information, results and insights:

After discussed with my partner, we decided to narrow down our design direction to increasing the exposure of portfolio. And we gave up our previous idea of making a web builder with social functions, because we found that idea doesn’t really solve the problem. We decided to focus on the students in the design & art school and connect recruiters to school. Because students rely more on portfolio as they don’t have so much working experience. And I have talked to a few students who have attended the career events of our school last year and I asked about their feelings. Most of them expressed that they didn’t have opportunities to show recruiters their portfolios in the face-to-face career events and introduce themselves well. Due to the Covid, most career events have been held online. And we believe online events may provide new solutions to this problem, and it is definitely a very good chance for student to showcase their work to different companies. So we were thinking about designing for a online career events platform for art & design school.

Career events in parsons ( each company had a table, and people were in line to communicate with the HR, but they didn’t have a good experience to showcase their work and introduce themselves .)

Key wireframes

The key wire frames are actually the pages inside a room of a company during the career events. The company who attends a career event of a school will have a special room, and they can set different sessions in different breakout rooms. In the job consulting session, recruiters are able to meet each job seekers and view their resume and portfolio website at the same time. Other students in line can enter different session (breakout room) while waiting. The recruiters can communicate with students in the order in which they line up, browse their resumes and portfolio websites. During the event, employers and candidates can use audio to have a conversation about the job. HR can also bookmark a talent for further contact. The profiles ( resume and portfolio )of the students who joined the communication will be recorded. After the event ends, HR can view them again. Also use filter to find talents with bookmark.

After created those key wire frames, we conducted user testing on 3 users.

We set different missions for the user to see if anything needs to be improved

User testing results

Then we revised the wire frames according to the user testing and make integration with existing New School career platforms/ other tools.

Therefore, technically speaking, our solution will connect recruiters and the student in the virtual world through online career events. Event management will still be mainly carried out on the “New School” channel which is integrated with our tool.

The exsiting New school career platform

The next steps

Create more screens and also screens from the perspective of students

User testing & Iteration